Deirdra Martinez-Caso offers a variety of books to complement your health and wellness journey.  

Cannabis Health Handbook

This guidebook provides a foundation to helping you explore Cannabis therapeutically. Learn about dosing, methods of consumption, THC, CBD, the importance of the Endocannabinoid System in sustaining balance and wellness, and more. 


A Higher State of Health

Cannabis Therapeutics for Women: Ancient Medicine to Flourish in the Modern World

Aimed at women hoping to learn more about cannabis therapeutics, A Higher State of Health is a comprehensive guide to using cannabis as a part of your wellness routine. Deirdra Martinez-Caso, is a cannabis expert and wellness practitioner who has personally used cannabis to overcome physical pain, addiction, mental health difficulties and more.

Martinez-Caso cuts through the stigma and misinformation around cannabis to provide women with a natural alternative to conventional medicine. Thoroughly researched and easy to read, A Higher State of Health explains how to integrate cannabis into a healthful, holistic lifestyle in order to address issues like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, substance abuse, insomnia, autoimmune, and more!

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