Valentines Day Cannabis Gift Idea - Rebel Coast Rose

My perfect Valentine's Day includes my hubby, his homemade short rib dinner, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

I don't know about you, but I'm still recovering from the holidays and I'd prefer to give my liver a rest and lay low on the alcohol. Besides, alcohol has a ton of calories and if you're sticking to those New Years Resolutions, than that's another good reason to find a healthier alternative.

My Cannabis colleague and best friend, Marlene Urrea, got together to sample Rebel Coast Rose. It's a Cannabis-Infused beverage that looks like, smells like, and tastes like wine. However, there's no alcohol so there's no hangover. Plus, it's low calorie at only 49 calories and 10 mg of THC per serving. It costs about $45 for a bottle which equals 4 - 8 servings depending on your tolerance.

Rebel Coast Rose is called Pink Passion and is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Indica is derived from Cannabis strains that are more mellow in effect. So this may be a nice beverage to drink at night when you want to relax and unwind.

What we liked about this product was that it is fast-acting. Unlike other "edibles," that can take up to 45min-1 hour to feel the effect, this beverage only takes 15- minutes. Well, that's at least what is stated on the bottle. Marlene and I had tried their Sauvignon Blanc blend which was sativa dominant that gave a fun uplifting effect. We definitely felt the Sauvignon Blanc in 15 minutes, but the Rose actually took longer at 30 minutes to feel. Unlike most edibles where the effect can last for several hours, the effect with this beverage may only last about an hour. The effect is very similar to drinking one glass of wine.

For those of us interested in Cannabis, but don't want to smoke, than this can be an easy method of consumption that is effective and fun. Learn more by watching our review of Rebel Coast Pink Passion Cannabis "Wine."

This beverage did have a more relaxing effect. In fact, Marlene fell asleep on the couch after we shot the video. It's what would be expected from an Indica strain. However, if you plan to have a frisky Valentine's Day, than maybe opt for their Sativa Sauvignon Blanc which has a more energizing effect.

We rated Rebel Coast Pink Passion 3.5 stars because we felt that the effect took longer to feel and it was not as strong as their Sativa Sauvignon Blanc blend.

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