About Deirdra Martinez, MPH


Deirdra Martinez, MPH is a Holistic Health Professional and founder of The Uplift Movement.  She shares her personal story of using Yoga, Plant Medicine and Mindfulness Meditation to overcome an eating disorder, addiction, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

  Ever since she was a child she struggled with weight gain and overeating.  At 27, she was experiencing chronic back pain that left her in countless doctors offices.  Eventually, she ended up with a psychiatrist who said "It's in your head," diagnosed her with Anxiety and prescribed Prozac for treatment.  She realized that she had been using food all her life to cope with undiagnosed anxiety.  She's not the only one, 19 Million Americans experience a co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness.  Unfortunately, the side effects from Prozac caused depression and weight gain.  She replaced her pharmaceutical pills with plants by using Cannabis therapeutics, a natural approach to healing that utilizes plants with mind body medicine.  She coaches women how to use Cannabis safely and therapeutically to find relief from chronic stress health conditions. 

Deirdra brings together insight from working in the Cannabis Industry and her experience as a health coach to offer resources that support her clients quest to find relief and freedom from chronic health conditions.   


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