The Uplift Movement

Find Relief and Freedom with Cannabis Health Coaching 


Do you live a healthy lifestyle and yet struggle to get better results? 

Improving your endocannabinoid system with lifestyle behaviors and Cannabis may be the missing piece. 

We explore various plant assisted therapies that are both psychoactive and non-psychoactive.

You don't have to get high (unless you want to).

Learn the tools that enhance the therapeutic effects of Cannabis without wasting money on too many products.  

We provide a roadmap for navigating the complex world of Cannabis so that you can be in the drivers seat of your own health journey. 


The Uplift Movement is a resource for "higher" health education and plant-assisted therapy.  We believe that plant medicine can be an ally in health and healing. 

Deirdra Martinez, MPH is a Holistic Health Professional and founder of The Uplift Movement.  She shares her personal story of using plant medicine, Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation to overcome an eating disorder, addiction, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Deirdra brings together insight from working in the Cannabis Industry and her experience as a health coach to offer resources that support her clients quest to find relief and freedom from chronic health conditions.  


With a Masters Degree in Public Health, Deirdra educates and empowers communities with Cannabis Health Education.  She leads a monthly donation based Women's Support Group.

We "Pay it Forward" and donate 10% of every dollar to the

UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative 


Endocannabinoid Deficiency

The body is in a constant quest for balance — or in Biological terms, “homeostasis.” Homeostasis depends on your body maintaining a stable internal environment. The endocannabinoid system is very easy to throw out of balance. Causes of imbalance include emotional stress, poor diet, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, disease, and genetics.  Here are common symptoms that may be related to an endocannabinoid deficiency.










Stubborn Fat






Chronic Pain










Kick Start

60 Minute Phone Consultation to customize a Cannabis Supported Wellness Program  


Starter Package

1 - 60 Minute Phone Consultation followed up with 3 - 30 minute consultations to guide through the process of discovering a Cannabis Supported Wellness & Therapuetic Experience


Movement Classes

Book a 60 min private Zumba or Yoga class for your next event


(Schedule private in advance. Please use contact page to inquire)

12 Week Transformation

Uncover subconscious blocks that are stressing the body and causing weight gain, pain, fatigue, and other chronic health conditions.  Journey on a quest of self-discovery and transcendence.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

A full refund is available prior to the start date of any coaching session or 30 days prior to any private fitness class.  A partial refund of up to 50% off is available to clients should a private fitness class cancel in less than 30 days or a coaching clients cancels during the program. 


Getting Here:

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Recreational & Medicinal Resources 


Chronic stress hijacks the nervous system causing it to be on constant "fight or flight."  This impairs metabolism, cognitive thinking, mood and behavior.  It can also creates muscle tension and weaken immune system. 

Cannabis works with the Endocannabinoid system to create homeostasis thereby bringing the mind/body back into balance so that you find relief from symptoms of chronic stress. 


Yoga & Dance

Mindful movement connects you to the vital flow of energy in your body and allows you to better pinpoint areas of tension and discomfort.


Yoga is an ancient practice that research shows:

• Reduces Stress

• Improves focus and attention

• Regulates the immune & endocrine system

• Improves posture, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness

Dance stimulates natural "feel good" hormones in the body like Dopamine & Serotonin. Easy to follow dance classes like Zumba make it simple to enjoy the health benefits of dance.  This is fun and uplifting movement that promotes cardiovascular health. 


Mindfulness Meditation Training


"Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is self-empowerment." - Dr. Bruce Lipton


  Mindfulness meditation is a mental training practice that focuses the mind on experiences in the present moment.

Studies show that a Mindfulness meditation practice can reduce symptoms of chronic stress (insomnia, weight gain, anxiety, depression) and improve overall health & happiness. 


Intuitive Eating 


Food choices impact your energy, mood, attention, sleep cycles, skin ailments, chronic pain and so much more.  

Although you may have a healthy diet, your metabolism may be impaired due to unhealthy relationships with food and body.  


Our sessions will incorporate the teachings of Eating Psychology to help you learn to support your mental health through mindful intuitive eating. 


We will focus on healing your relationships with mind, food and body.  

Break free from diets, scales, food guilt and body shame.  



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