The Uplift Movement 

Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation, and Plant Medicine to Help You Naturally Become Healthy & Vibrant.  


Elevate Your Health and Life.....Naturally.

You don't have to struggle when it comes to feeling good in your body.  We want you to know there is an easier way to thrive because your body was perfectly designed just for that.  What impairs your body's natural ability to thrive is...... chronic stress!  Here are common health conditions that are linked to chronic stress.  

  • Stubborn Fat
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Insomnia 
  • Substance Abuse
  • Autoimmune
  • Anxiety 
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive Problems

Through our classes, programs, and holistic health coaching, we'll help you uncover your hidden stressors that are sabotaging your health and create new habits that reignite your body's natural power to thrive.  We do this all while having fun and gaining greater fulfillment in our lives. 


Hey Beautiful! 

You are blessed with a body that is your vehicle for living a fun and fulfilling life.  You have dreams and goals of what you want to achieve with your body.  

But, what happens when your body isn't performing optimally?  You feel out of control and stuck, right?  

That's what can happen when chronic stress hijacks your health.  

Get back in the driver's seat and back on track.  With over 10 years as a Holistic Health Coach, I've helped high achieving women optimize their body's potential to naturally thrive.  I can help you too! 



Get Uplifted!


Fun curated online classes addressing cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and restoration.  

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Break free from diets, scales, food guilt and body shame with Mindful Intuitive Eating 

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 Self-guided Mindfulness Meditation Course and online Yoga Classes to learn how to incorporate these life changing practices into your everyday life.

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Plant Medicine - Cannabis & Psychedelics

There are over 100 chemical compounds in Cannabis like CBD, CBN, THC, and THCV which may play a role in improving our health.  

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  • Deirdra Martinez

    “Through my practice on the mat with Deirdra, I learned about being present, being in the moment, and being mindful. I learned how to use my breath as a tool to manage my stress. I started to gain more self-awareness and learned how to just observe without judgement. I started to recognize the value of being kinder to my body and, as an extension of that, my whole self.”


    Mindful Travel Blogger,

  • Deirdra Martinez

    “Deirdra has been a bright spot in my life for years now. Her classes, choreography, and charisma create joy even in trying times! Not only do you get a great workout, but your endorphins kick in and your mood is uplifted. She is consistent bright spot in my week and I'm so glad I discovered her yoga and dance classes. ”

    Pic with Deirdra


  • Deirdra Martinez

    “I had never felt strong and fit until I started working out with weights. Uplift is a great combination of weights and cardio. Perfect for all levels too. I really enjoy the class and appreciate that I can take it online! ”


    Cancer Researcher & Mommy of 2

  • Deirdra Martinez

    “After working with Deirdra, I feel much better! A lot less stress. I used to take pills for depression, which of course has side effects. Now I am not taking them anymore. I used to have panic episodes quite often. These episodes used to take me hours to recover, but now I have them very sporadically and I recover from them very fast. My life has improved! ”


    Business Professional

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